Here is the DBX4 SQLite Driver developed in a set of article for the Active Delphi Magazine (Issues 56 to 60). If you want to learn how to build a DBX4 driver and is curious enough, below is the complete source code, for Delphi 2007. Some changes are needed to build it in the most recent Delphi/RAD Studio (2009 – XE). Nothing exceptional: Some changes in the interfaces/methods signatures and all is done.

I recommend the use of the SQLite driver for projects written in Delphi which only need local databases. It is stable and fast enough. The distribution of the SQLite is easy: You only need to send the sqlite3.dll together with your app.

You can linkedit the sqlite3 module statically too, with some obj”s you can find in the internet. In that type of linkage, you do not even need to distribute the dll. If you change the SQLite3.pas dll to do that, please, share it with us.


The driver does not implement all the features of SQLite, and doesn”t map all VCL Field types.

Fields like TDateField, TTimeField must be used as strings. It is possible to extend the driver to do this mapping correctly, as shown in the magazine articles (Despite SQLite does not support them).

Please, use by your own risk. If you find some bug and need fixes, please tell me. If you make your own fixes, please share with us.


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