We have received a job in my master degree to produce a solution for the Nurse Scheduling problem.

The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is one of the many library we can use to solve this type of problem. I have searched for a interface for the Delphi Language and found the DELI interface, which was made in 2003. But I can’t find updates from that time for now. Furthermore, the DELI interface doesn’t map all the functions I need. I found posts on the web who said the DELI interface would be included in the GLPK official distribution. At this time, I can’t see it in the distribution.

For these reasons, I have converted the glpk.h file to a new Delphi Interface for GLPK. You can get it in the link bellow.

You need to add the unit glpk.pas in your project and distribute the file glpk.dll to start using and distributing the GLPK software.

You can get glpk.dll from the gnuwin32 project. The DLL distributed is for GLPK version 4.34, and it depends on another dlls: libltdl3.dll e zlib1.dll.

The version 4.39, built with Visual Studio, doesn’t has these dependencies. So, I built the version 4.39 in the Visual Studio and distributed it within the file below. The sources were downloaded from the GNU foundation web site. You can do the same, if you need.

The source code also has a small sample that loads a MathProg model and compute the solution.

Download here the GLPK Interface for Delphi


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